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Gas-Source Others:

Process Gas Mixture
Gas Mole weight (kg/kmol) Cp/Cv (k) Concentration (W/W %)
Moisture content at intake pressure

Operating Conditions
Inlet pressure Min. Max. Normal
Inlet temperature Min. Max. Normal
Discharge pressure Min. Max. Normal
Discharge temperature Min. Max. Normal
Flow rate Min. Max. Normal
Ambient temperature Min. Max.    
Cooling water              
-inlet temperature Min. Max.    
-outlet temperature Min. Max.    
-inlet pressure Min. Max.    
-pressure behind the compressor unit Min. Max.    
Special operating conditions:            

Operation Mode
continuous process operation
intermittent operation
Cylinder filling
Tank unloading

Process Contacted Materials
Metals Others:
Sealings Others:

Compressor Design
Basic Design
  The compressor is delivered ready for connection. The scope of supply includes the compressor stage(s), as well as drive motor, base frame, belt drive, belt protection, diaphragm rupture signalization. With 2-stage compressors you will find the intercooler (if required), a safety valve and a local pressure indication (manometer).
Standard Design
  The standard design of the compressor includes the basic version plus additional measuring devices and fittings at the suction and/or pressure side of the machine.
At the suction side these are mainly:
1 local pressure indicator (manometer)
1 pressure transmitter
1 suction filter
1 shut-off valve
At the pressure side are:
1 local pressure indicator (manometer)
1 pressure transmitter
1 gas cooler if (neccessary)
1 safety valve
1 check valve
2 shut-off valves (1 for pressure release)

Water-cooled compressors are equipped with a cooling water flow control with MIN-contact.
Electrical consumers and measuring devices are wired on a terminal box.
Custom Design
  These compressors are built on the basis of your specification and possible particular requirements due to your application with regard to piping, instruments and controls.
Accessoires required for "Turn-Key" compressor systems can be chosen from the following list.

Process Piping
Suction filter    
Suction pressure regulator :  
Suction pulsation damper    
After cooler    
Safety valves    
Discharge pulsation damper    
By-Pass capacity control    
suction pressure gage    
suction pressure transmitter Function:
suction temp. gage    
suction temp. switch Function:
discharge pressure gage    
discharge pressure transmitter Function:
discharge temp. gage    
discharge temp. switch Function:
Oil pressure transmitter Function:
Oil heater +
oil level controller
Cooling water flow control Function:

Control Panel
Mounted on the compressor base frame
Installation in control room
Motor starter
Hand / Off / Remote
Emergency stop
Indicating lights
Hour meter
Communication with DCS

Area Classification
Non hazardous area  
Hazardous area  
Temperature class
Explosion group
NEC 500
Class Group DIV

Power Supply
Power supply V 3-phase
Control voltage V  
  V DC  

Additional Requirements

Service Features
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